True Story

I was once sitting on a beach next to Greg Daniels. He had just returned from Indianapolis where he was doing research for a new show he was developing for NBC about an optimistic Midwesterner working for local government. 

I asked whether or not he enjoyed the visit to my home state.

"It’s funny that some people call it Nap Town."

I replied, wounded, “Why do they call it that?”

Greg stared at me, looking for a hint of humor and finding none. Finally, sparing me, he smiled and said ”I don’t know” and stood up to fetch one of his kids dragging a kayak just offshore.

Parks and Recreation and Leslie Knope debuted a year later.

DIY has done so much for me, It has reintroduced to me being myself and not like, just trying to do things that my friends like so they think i’m cooler. I’ve turned into a pretty awesome summerologist, a minecrafter, a gamer, a lego builder, paper airplane builder, a chatterbox, a typer, a rat lover, a daredevil, a scaredycat, a fairy house maker, an interior designer, a fashion designer, an exterior designer, an architect, a builder, and most of all, a maker.