A couple months ago I published beaverbrook.com, a photo blog about a forest in Upstate New York where I spend a lot of time with friends. It’s my happiest place on Earth! 

The custom Tumblr theme I made features big images spanning the entire browser window. Some people said they wanted the same theme, too, so I posted a call for help to help me polish the theme to accomodate all post types.

It took a bunch of back and forth, and David ColeJohn Holdun and I finally wrapped up version 1.0 last weekend. All post types are formatted to fit nicely, one entry per browser view. I call it Slides and you can play with it here.

You can make it your theme for $49. The price is high to keep volume low (less customer support), and all profits go to Beaver Brook to continue the forest regeneration program I started there. If there’s enough I’d love to buy a few more neighboring acres to preserve even more woods (that would make me so proud!).

I’m excited to see what you do with it. Otherwise, thanks for the feedback and love.

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